Wednesday, July 28, 2010

this is the tangerine fabric rolled onto the pipe and then scrunched.

this is the resulting fabric. The fabric was folded in half on the
natural fold line. the result is horizontal stripes. The blue stands
out on the bottom where it is in more contact with the white
undyed fabric from the first dyeing.
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one corner of parfaited fabric

this is the fabric that was pleated and scrunched and
dyed with ProChem's tangerine dye

this is a block I love but have no idea what
colors I used to create it, but would love to duplicate it
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3 pair of finished socks

2 pairs of finished socks

the parfaited fabric finished
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fire red and sapphire blue added to socks

fabric sitting in tangerine dye
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tangerine added to 1+ yd of Hoffman PFD in small bowl

dye added to first 2 pair of socks
fire red and sapphire blue added to fabric in bowl
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july 28 2010

random pleated hoffman pfd

on a pole ready to be scrunched

tangerine socks
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